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How to use the Video system

This page describes how to use the Sony video system in the seminar/coffee room with a CERN/ATLAS Vidyo meeting.

  • Switch on the TV and the camera set-top box.
  • Make sure that the LAN cable of the camera set-top box is properly connected.
  • Dial:
    • Go to "Telefonbuch" and select "VidyoCERN"
    • Or go to the "Manuelle Wahl" dial section and type in the Vidyo gateway IP address: or (get the "." signs by pressing the "Phonebook" button). Press Connect.
  • A friendly voice and Vidyo screen should appear.
  • Press the "*" key to be able to type in the Vidyo meeting room extensions number next. You should hear a telephone dial tone after every pressed button next.
  • Type in the 7-digit Vidyo meeting room extension number followed by the "#"-key. This number is usually given in the "Video service" details section of every indico agenda meeting. The LMU analysis meeting uses e.g.: 9241863#
  • If necessary type in the PIN of the Vidyo meeting followed by the "#"-key.
  • Mute the sound in case you'd not like to be heard in the meeting.
  • Change to "Objektkamera" in case you'd not like to be seen in the meeting.
  • More technical details are given at: [1]