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The list of publications is kept up to date by a script operated by the current webmaster. Only publications that have been "published" will be put on the list, so no internal or com-notes. Every subgroup or person that published a paper is responsible to supply all the necessary information to the webmaster. So everytime a paper you wrote or contributed to, send an email to our webmaster with the following information:

 Authors (complete list of authors, normally this will be ATLAS)
 Contributions (list of the contributing authors from our institute)
 Date (Date the publication was published: YYYYMMDD)
 Journal (The Journal where it was published)
 Link (A link to the published paper)
 SupportNotes (A list of all the support-notes. This is important, because only in the support-notes a visitor can see who actually contributed to an analysis)

Please provide all the information that is necessary. It is not the responsibility of the webmaster to investigate the date when your paper was published or the link to the support notes. Also it is very hard to find the corresponding support-notes, as every subgroup has its own way of storing this information. If you want your paper to be published, you have to provide all the information, including the list of support notes for that paper.

If you want to make life easier for your webmaster, you can also use the this file:


as a blueprint and send a version with your paper to the webmaster.