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Instructions for new website (Fiona)

These instructions will only work if you have editing rights for the LMU Fiona system:

  • Go to the Fiona login page and log in with you LMU credentials.
  • Navigate to the folder for our website: 17 Fakultät für Physik --> Elementary Particle Physics
  • Navigate to the respective talk folder: Publications and Talks --> Talks --> DPG or Group seminar
  • You'll find two folders there, "public" and "secured". Click on "secured". You'll find the list of the already uploaded talks.
  • Import a file by clicking Datei --> Datei importieren... on the top left. Select the file (in pdf format) you want to upload and select that you want to create a new file within the folder "download_auth" (first bullet). Press "Importieren".
  • Go to the previous folder again (DPG or Group seminar) and edit the "Hauptinhalt" to add a bullet with your talk and link to your slides in the respective year/semester (I recommend just editing the raw html code).

If you don't have Fiona edit rights, there are two possibilities:

  • Get Fiona edit rights
  • Write a mail with "Name, Surname, Title" and the pdf file to one of the people at the institute with respective rights (e.g. Thomas Maier, Friedrich Hönig, Sascha Mehlhase,...). The file should be named like "dpgYEAR_FIRSTLETTEROFNAMESURNAME.pdf" for DPG talks or "YEARMONTHDAY_FIRSTLETTEROFNAMESURNAME.pdf" for the group seminar (e.g. dpg15_tmaier.pdf and 150715_tmaier.pdf)

Deprecated Instructions

The list of talks on the homepage is created automatically by a script and is updated every full minute.

In order to upload and link your slides, you have to copy them to


With the name consisting of




You do not have to specify the semester since the date is sufficient. Make sure that the slides are readable by others, by

 chmod og+r /project/etpsw/Homepage/seminar/*