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The GridKa CA (Certification authority) updated beginning of July 2013 its Root certificate. This certificate is at the top of the authentication chain for several services and you have to update the corresponding certificate in your browser.

The symptom for the obsolete certificate is an error message like "Secured connection failed / Gesicherte Verbindung fehlgeschlagen" when you try to access https://gridka-ca.kit.edu/

Here a brief description how to update for firefox:

  • Start firefox
  • Open certificate list (Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Encryption)
  • Click 'View certificates' button -> 'Authorities' TAB
  • Shows huge list of certificates
    • scroll down to GermanGrid/GridKa-CA -> select
    • click "Delete .." button
  • Close firefox
  • Re-start firefox
  • Download new certificate from https://gridka-ca.kit.edu/gridka-root-cert.crt
    • Pop-up window for what you trust the certificate -> Mark at least 'Web-site identification'
  • Test whether you can access https://gridka-ca.kit.edu/