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Renewal of CERN Contract:

  • Preparation
    • LMU contract
      • get and sign your new LMU contract ('Arbeitsvertrag'); contact Frau Grimm-Zeidler
      • scan this new contract (both sides)
      • create a pdf file containing both sides of your contract
    • Home Declaration
      • get and fill home declaration
      • Needs to be signed by chief-admin at physics faculty -- normally Agustin Castanedo at Geschaeftsstelle, Schellingstrasse 4
      • scan and convert to pdf
  • Main part
    • You should have received notification by email from Cern users office with a link to the EDH form
      • EDH passwords are different from general Cern account password, so usually you have forgotten it and need to ask to get it reset first.
    • fill all mandatory fields
    • save this document (see header)
    • upload your pdf-files (contract and home-declaration, see header)
    • send the document (see header)
    • wait

--Günter Duckeck (talk) 17:40, 28 October 2014 (CET)