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This is a collection of Reading Material for students of Particle Physics. Some lists are so long that they deserve their own dedicated page.

Literature on Supersymmetry

See Literature about Supersymmetry.

General Topics

LHC physics

  • Andreas Hoecker: "Physics at the LHC Run-2 and Beyond", arXiv:1611.07864
    • lecture about LHC physics in Run 2 in general


  • W. Hollik: "Quantum field theory and the Standard Model", arXiv:1012.3883
    • the mathematics behind the SM


ROOT is a software framework particle physicists use for their analyses.

Introductory Course

The material of the introductory course for our Bachelor students can be found here:

This is helpful not only for beginners in the field of Supersymmetry but for particle physics in general as it covers the basic techniques, relevant software frameworks etc. that are common to most particle physics analyses.

ATLAS Introductory Material

This material is ATLAS-specific and therefore password-protected.

  • ATLAS-D tutorials (one day tutorial before the yearly ATLAS-D workshop, cf. e.g. 2018)
  • ATLAS Software Tutorial (cf. ATLAS TWiki: SoftwareTutorial, takes place regularly (~ 4x a year) at CERN, one week)
  • ATLAS Induction Day (recently became part of ATLAS Software Tutorials, cf. e.g. 2017 edition)

Machine Learning

  • Ian Goodfellow and Yoshua Bengio and Aaron Courville: "Deep Learning", free textbook
  • Michael Kagan’s Academic Training Lectures, slides
  • Stanford Course Machine Learning link
  • Andreas C. Müller and Sarah Guido: "Introduction to Machine Learning with Python - A Guide for Data Scientists" (nicely written introduction with many examples but without technical details)

Dark Matter at ATLAS