Proof Setup

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Starting Proof at LRZ

Start Master on lcg-lrz-proof

(Email instructions PC 03Mar10)

cd proof/
source  # source ~/local/root/init_root_5.24_i386

(There are also the scripts and

Start Slaves on LRZ WNs

(Email instructions PC 03Mar10) The slaves run on lx64a[59-68] and lx64e[14-137] with only one core per node (-> 134 workers).

cd proof_o/
(to stop:

Changing number of slaves:

  • Edit /home/grid/lcg/home/uh351ac/proof_o/config/proof.conf (rather use IPv4 adresses!)
  • Adjust and accordingly
  • available
  • Or do: proof->SetParallel(n) to only use n nodes.

Start Proof Session from elsewhere

root -b
proof = TProof::Open("")
# this was needed to start applications on all slave nodes
proof->SetParameter("PROOF_MaxSlavesPerNode", (Long_t)999) ;