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PoD Installation on Ubuntu-etp cluster

  • Download:
cd $HOME
mkdir PoD 
cd PoD
wget http://pod.gsi.de/releases/pod/${podversion}/PoD-${podversion}-Source.tar.gz
tar -xzf PoD-${podversion}-Source.tar.gz 
cd PoD-${podversion}-Source
  • Installation:

Specify install path in ./BuildSetup.cmake :

SET (CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX "/project/etpsw/Common/PoD/3.6" CACHE PATH "Install path prefix, prepended onto install directories." FORCE)

make stuff

mkdir build
cd build
cmake -C ../BuildSetup.cmake ..
# run make
make install
# finish setup
pushd /project/etpsw/Common/PoD/${podversion}/
source PoD_env.sh
  • get local scripts
cd etc
cp -p /project/etpsw/Common/PoD/${lastpodversion}/etc/user_worker_env.sh .
cd ../bin
cp -p /project/etpsw/Common/PoD/${lastpodversion}/bin/lproofnodes.sh .
  • update setup script
podversion=3.6 in /project/etpsw/Common/PoD/setup.sh
  • Manage list of nodes used for PoD:

The nodes are hard-wired in the shell-script