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Overview of the paper presentations that have been given in our Monday's ATLAS Analysis meetings.

Date Name Slides Title of paper Paper reference
16.02.2015 Alexander Mann [1] (pp. 13 - 18) Measurement of Spin Correlation in Top-Antitop Quark Events and Search for Top Squark Pair Production in pp Collisions at √s = 8 TeV Using the ATLAS Detector arXiv:1412.4742v1, PRL 114, 142001 (2015)
13.04.2015 Vincent Kitali [2] Cosmological Implications of High-Energy Neutrino Emission from the Decay of Long-Lived Particle arxiv:1408.1745
27.04.2015 Michael Adersberger [3] Optimized dark matter searches in deep observations of Segue 1 with MAGIC arxiv:1312.1535
01.06.2015 Michael Bender [4] Top-quark production in proton-nucleus and nucleus-nucleus collisions at LHC energies and beyond arxiv:1501.05879
29.06.2015 Thomas Maier [5] Interference Effects in Higgs production through Vector Boson Fusion in the Standard Model and its Singlet Extension arXiv:1506.02257
27.07.2015 Nikolai Hartmann [6] Observation of J/ψp resonances consistent with pentaquark states in Λ 0 b → J/ψK − p decays arXiv:1507.03414 [7]
10.08.2015 Balthasar Schachtner [8] Violation of time reversal symmetry arXiv:1207.5832 [9]
07.09.2015 Jochen J. Heinrich [10] Precision measurement of the mass difference between light nuclei and anti-nuclei arXiv:1508.03986 [11]
21.09.2015 Christopher Bock [12] Measurement of the Ratio of Branching Fractions Br PRL 115, 111803 (2015)
02.11.2015 Michael Adersberger [13] Pseudorapidity distribution of charged hadrons in proton-proton collisions at √s = 13 TeV Physics Letters B, 751, 143-163
16.11.2015 Michael Bender [14] Searches for Relativistic Magnetic Monopoles in IceCube arXiv:1511.01350v1 [15]
14.12.2015 Michael Holzbock [16] Search for excited leptons in proton-proton collisions at √s = 8 TeV with the CMS detector arXiv:1511.01407
14.12.2015 Marina Steimle [17] Search for dark matter in events with a Z boson and missing transverse momentum in pp collisions at √s = 8 TeV with the ATLAS detector arXiv:1404.0051 [18]
11.01.2016 Balthasar Schachtner [19] Terahertz-driven linear electron acceleration [20]
25.01.2016 Jochen J. Heinrich [21] First Result from the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer on the International Space Station: Precision Measurement of the Positron Fraction in Primary Cosmic Rays of 0.5–350 GeV

High Statistics Measurement of the Positron Fraction in Primary Cosmic Rays of 0.5–500 GeV with the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer on the International Space Station

[22] [23]

08.02.2016 Friedrich Hönig [24] Description and first application of a new technique to measure the gravitational mass of antihydrogen [25]
22.02.2016 Thomas Maier [26] Observation of Gravitational Waves from a Binary Black Hole Merger

PRL 116, 061102 (2016)

14.03.2016 Nikolai Hartmann [27] Search for direct pair production of scalar top quarks in the single- and dilepton channels in proton-proton collisions at sqrt(s) = 8 TeV arXiv:1602.03169
21.03.2016 Friedrich Hönig [28] Study of the rare decays of B0s and B0 into muon pairs from data collected during the LHC Run 1 with the ATLAS detector arxiv:1604.04263
18.04.2016 Michael Holzbock [29] Search for Microscopic Black Hole Signatures at the Large Hadron Collider with CMS at √s = 7 GeV arXiv:1012.3375
27.06.2016 Marina Steimle [30] A search for an exited muon decaying to a muon and two jets in pp collisions at √s = 8 TeV with the ATLAS detector arXiv:1601.05627
25.07.2016 David Handl [31] Measurement of the ttW and ttZ production cross sections in pp collisions at √s = 8 TeV with the ATLAS detector arXiv:1509.05276
08.08.2016 Michael Bender [32] High-energy Neutrino follow-up search of Gravitational Wave Event GW150914 with ANTARES and IceCube PRD 93, 122010 (2016)
05.09.2016 Thomas Maier [33] Search for high mass Higgs to WW with fully leptonic decays using 2015 data CMS-PAS-HIG-16-023
20.09.2016 Ferdinand Krieter [34] T2K CP-Violation Search Results Presented at ICHEP 2016 [35], [36], [37], arXiv:1605.01626
17.10.2016 Michael Adersberger [38] Emerging Jets arXiv:1502.05409
07.11.2016 Andrea Matic [39] Search for Dark Matter production associated with bottom quarks in 13.3/fb of pp-collisions at √s = 13 TeV with the ATLAS detector at the LHC ATLAS-CONF-2016-086
21.11.2016 Jochen J. Heinrich [40] Evidence for light-by-light scattering in heavy-ion collisions at the LHC ATLAS-HION-2016-05-001 (draft)
19.12.2016 Balthasar Schachtner [41] Be()He Reaction and the Cosmological Lithium Problem: Measurement of the Cross Section in a Wide Energy Range at nTOF at CERN PRL 117, 152701 (2016)
16.01.2017 Nikolai Hartmann [42] Observation of Anomalous Internal Pair Creation in Be: A Possible Indication of a Light, Neutral Boson PRL 116, 042501 (2016) (arXiv:1504.01527)
30.01.2017 Clara Leitgeb [43] A Search for Top Squarks with R-Parity Violating Decays to All-Hadronic Final States with the ATLAS Detector in √s = 8 TeV Proton-Proton Collsisions arXiv:1601.07453
13.02.2017 Florian Fischer [44] Search for the associated production of a Higgs boson with a single top quark in proton-proton collisions at √s = 8 TeV arXiv:1509.08159
27.02.2017 Danijela Bogavac [45] Search for annihilating dark matter in the Sun with 3 years of IceCube data arXiv:1612.05949
13.03.2017 Michael Holzbock [46] Observation of the 1S–2S transition in trapped antihydrogen Nature 541, 506–510 (2017)
10.04.2017 David Handl [47] Parameterized Machine Learning for High-Energy Physics arxiv:1601.07913
15.05.2017 Daniela Köck [48] Search for new phenomena in dijet events using 37/fb of pp collision data collected at √s = 13 TeV with the ATLAS detector arxiv:1703.09127
29.05.2017 Adam Samara [49] Measurement of the cross-section for producing a W boson in association with a single top quark in pp collisions at √s = 13 TeV with ATLAS arxiv:1612.07231
12.06.2017 Michael Adersberger [50] Triggering on soft bombs at the LHC arxiv:1612.00850
26.06.2017 Alexander Lory [51] Sixfold improved single particle measurement of the magnetic moment of the antiproton Nature Communications 8, 14084 (2017)
10.07.2017 Balthasar Schachtner [52] Observation of the doubly charmed baryon [53]
31.07.2017 Ferdinand Krieter [54] Search for pair production of tau sleptons in √s = 13 TeV pp collisions in the all-hadronic final state [55]
16.10.2017 Andrea Matic [56] Dark-Photon Search using Data from CRESST-II Phase 2 arXiv:1612.07662
04.12.2017 Daniela Köck [57] Discovery of a big void in Khufu's pyramid by observation of cosmic-ray muons Nature 552, 386–390 (21 December 2017)
18.12.2017 Florian Fischer [58] Search for top quark decays , with , in TeV collisions using the ATLAS detector CERN-EP-2017-118
15.01.2018 Clara Leitgeb [59] First Dark Matter Search Results from the XENON1T Experiment arxiv:1705.06655
29.01.2018 Martin Habedank [60] The social dilemma of autonomous vehicles 10.1126/science.aaf2654 arXiv:1510.03346
19.02.2018 Nikolai Hartmann [61] The non-gravitational interactions of dark matter in colliding galaxy clusters 10.1126/science.1261381 arXiv:1503.07675
12.03.2018 Eric Schanet [62] Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System [63]
26.03.2018 Jochen J. Heinrich [64] Many Worlds or Many Words? arxiv:0905.2182, arxiv:0707.2593, arxiv:astro-ph/0302131, arxiv:quant-ph/9709032
09.04.2018 David Handl [65] What hadron collider is required to discover or falsify natural supersymmetry? arXiv:1702.06588
07.05.2018 Michael Holzbock [66] Work organization and mental health problems in PhD students Research Policy, 46, 4, 868
25.06.2018 Nikolari Hartmann [67] The Power of Genetic Algorithms: what remains of the pMSSM? arXiv:1805.03615
16.07.2018 Ferdinand Krieter [68] Observation of a Significant Excess of Electron-Like Events in the MiniBooNE Short-Baseline Neutrino Experiment arXiv:1805.12028
30.07.2018 Paola Arrubarrena [69] Multimessenger Observations of a Flaring Blazar Coincident with High-Enregy Neutrino IceCube-170922 Science 361, 147 (2018)
10.09.2018 Nina Wenke [70] Jet Topics: Disentangling Quarks and Gluons at Colliders PRL 120, 241602 (2018)
24.09.2018 Alexander Lory [71] Acceleration of electrons in the plasma wakefield of a proton bunch Nature 561, 363 (2018)
22.10.2018 Andrea Matic [72] Observation of an Unusual Upward-going Cosmic-ray-like Event in the Third Flight of ANITA arXiv:1803.05088
05.11.2018 Alexander Mann [73] Search for resonances in the mass spectrum of muon pairs produced in association with b quark jets in proton-proton collisions at √s = 8 TeV and 13 TeV arXiv:1808.01890, submitted to JHEP
19.11.2018 Florian Fischer [74] Search for CP Violation in Neutrino and Antineutrino Oscillations by the T2K Experiment with Protons on Target PRL 121, 171802 (2018)
14.01.2019 Clara Leitgeb [75] Creating small circular, elliptical, and triangular droplets of quark-gluon plasma arXiv:1805.02973v2, submitted to Nature
04.03.2019 Eric Schanet [76] Public Key Cryptography [], [], []
15.04.2019 Ferdinand Krieter [77] Terraforming the Sahara and other Climate Engineering Prospects Nature Scientific Reports 8, 996 (2018), Climatic Change 97, 3 (2009), Nature Communications 5, 3304 (2014)],
13.05.2019 David Handl [78] Searching for New Physics with Deep Autoencoders arxiv:1808.08992
03.06.2019 Lars Ferencz [79] Measurements of top-quark pair spin correlations in the eμ channel at s√=13~TeV using pp collisions in the ATLAS detector arXiv:1903.07570
1.7.2019 David Koch [80] Sub-millimeter nuclear medical imaging with high sensitivity in positron emission tomography using beta-gamma coincidences arXiv:1305.4261
15.07.2019 Joschua Krink -/- Significant Excess of Electronlike Events in the MiniBooNE Short-Baseline Neutrino Experiment arXiv:1805.12028
04.11.2019 Philipp Seifermann
18.11.2019 Ralph Weber [81] Femtosecond phase control in high-field terahertz-driven ultrafast electron sources OPTICA.6.000872
Anna Bertolini
Christoph Ames
Kyeong Ro Lee
Alexander Lory