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Shared storage at LRZ

Please do not use the home directories to store ntuples or logfiles and try to stay below 1 GB for your homedir usage. If we fill up homedir this will affect all ATLAS usage at LRZ and basically stop all Grid usage as well.

Scratch space

There is dedicated scratch space avaliable on a powerful shared filesystem which is accessible via environment variable $SCRATCH (something like /naslx/ptmp/5/uh351ac) see [1]

It is no problem to dump a few 100 GB of ntuples for your analysis on $SCRATCH, however, it will be automatically cleaned up by LRZ, after a couple of days/weeks. Make sure you have another copy!

Project space

In addition we have dedicated 2 TB project space which you can access as under $WORK or /naslx/projects/uh351/<your-login>