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Welcome to the internal Wiki of the “Lehrstuhl für experimentelle Physik – Elementarteilchenphysik” of the “Fakultät für Physik” of the “Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität”!

Physics Analysis: Reading Material

Physics Analysis: Techniques & Technicalities

ROOT Datasets Grid ETP
First steps Event displays and event picking / Hypatia Grid Certificate Scientific Linux Environment with Singularity
Analysis Distributed Data Management (DDM) Join a VO Working from home
Documentation Available space on LOCALGROUPDISK Update GridKa CA cert Python Environment
Access to files on LOCALGROUPDISK Ganga HowTo
ROOT grid analysis Replicate Datasets to LRZ
How to read only parts of a Tree Archive/backup datasets to tape


CERN Contract eMail ATLAS account Computing
First time Setup Account Get Account LMU PCs at Cern
Renew AFS


Laptops Talk Administration Computing Video Thesis writing Group activity
Borrow Give a talk Pod Installation LMU Physik IT Infos Use the Videosystem Wie schreibe ich eine Bachelorarbeit AFRICA Cup
List of Laptops Upload Slides for a Talk Upload a Publication Problems on ETP Cluster Paper Presentations
Laptop + Beamer etp & localgroupdisk monitoring Hadoop and MapReduce ls-schaile-social
Slurm Batch on ETP ls-schaile-alumni

C2PAP cluster User Reference

General Account SW setup Data
C2PAP Overview C2PAP login C2PAP ATLAS Setup C2PAP Storage
C2PAP Batch system

LRZ Users Reference

General Account SW setup Data Proof LRZ Coud
Overview Howto login Grid, Athena, Root dCache Proof Usage Access and Setup
MWN-VPN Batch system Scratch space
XCache Server

LRZ Tier2 Reference

Starting with dCache Storage Element Compute Element Monitoring Proof
Introduction SE/Status CE/Status Overview Admin setup
Glossary Installing a simple dCache setup Howtos Storage Element
Link library Howtos

General Linux and Coding howtos

Linux Tools Version Control
rsync Version Control with GIT
Debug with gdb Version Control with SVN
Debugging root with gdb
Profiling root/C++ with valgrind


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