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On this page we keep a list of literature about Supersymmetry and general information on methods in elementary particle physics that is suited for Bachelor, Master and PhD students starting to work on this field of physics.

Introductory Literature on Supersymmetry

Beginner's Level

Aitchison's Book

  • Ian Aitchison: Supersymmetry in Particle Physics: An Elementary Introduction
  • This book is not very comprehensive but succeeds not only to explain the phenomenology but also some basics of the mathematics of Supersymmetry in a way that it is more or less easy to access.
  • Also available as a (probably) older version on arXiv:

Einführung Supersymmetry

  • Katharina Müller: Einführung Supersymmetrie
  • Einfacher und übersichtlicher Einstieg in die Supersymmetrie. Motivation für SUSY, das Teilchenspektrum und Feynmanregeln des MSSM und Zerfallskanäle, die für den Nachweis von SUSY-Teilchen wichtig sind, werden besprochen.

Supersymmetry and LHC

Lectures on SUSY


A Primer on Supersymmetry

  • Stephen P. Martin: A Supersymmetry Primer
  • Often given to students as an introductory paper to read about Supersymmetry it's certainly not one of easiest to digest, but it is kept up-to-date and a good source to quickly look up information on Supersymmetry basics.
  • arXiv:hep-ph/9709356

Baer and Tata's Book

  • Howard Baer, Xerxes Tata: Weak Scale Supersymmetry
  • This book is very complete at a basic level. It includes an extensive and precise construction of supersymmetric relativistc quantum field theories.

SUSY Benchmark Models

  • S. S. AbdusSalam et al.: Benchmark Models, Planes, Lines and Points for Future SUSY Searches at the LHC
  • This is a short overview of common benchmark models used to study Supersymmetry at the LHC. Of course, as exclusion limits extend some models become less relevant, but the paper is still a useful reference to understand the commonly used acronyms like mSUGRA, CMSSM, GMSB, NUHM etc.
  • arxiv:1109.3859

Advanced Level

Binétruy's Book

  • Pierre Binétruy: Supersymmetry: Theory, Experiment, and Cosmology
    • covers a broad range and goes beyond what is covered in beginner's courses on Supersymmetry

Experimental Results on Supersymmetry

Results of SUSY Searches in Run-1 of the LHC

  • I.-A. Melzer-Pellmann, P. Pralavorio: Lessons for SUSY from the LHC after the first run
    • An overview of results of SUSY searches during the first run of the LHC (2010-2012) conducted by the ATLAS and CMS collaborations. There are many papers about what are messages to learn from the first LHC results on SUSY, but this paper also features a general introduction to the basic concepts of searches for SUSY at LHC (experimental challenges, naturalness, etc.).
    • arxiv:1404.7191, also contained in a special issue of EPJC, Supersymmetry after the Higgs discovery, with several review articles on SUSY

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