List of Laptops

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Please keep this list up to date. If you notice something on a laptop is not working, edit the wiki accordingly.

Siemens Fujitsu 7010

For use in the seminar and group meetings. DO NOT BORROW. Evo installed but not tested yet.

-- defect -- will be replaced --

Siemens Fujitsu 4010

Rather heavy 14" laptop. Does not boot reliably. Seems to help if AC power is plugged in.

-- defect -- will be replaced --

Thinkpad T60

Thinkpad T61

Thinkpad X60s

Small and lightweighted 12" Repots about not working networks in windows. In Linux Wifi and wired network work fine.

Thinkpad T400s

Small and lightweighted 14". Only linux installed

Thinkpad T410s

Small and lightweighted 14". Equipped with SSD and a faster processor than the T400s. Has Windows and Linux installed, but no additional software is installed on Windows.

-- defect -- broken display -- will probably be repaired --


Bought 2003, 800MHz, 256mb ram Ubuntu (Linux) does not work. Windows XP and openSUSE work fine


Has only Windows installed.