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After you obtained a Grid certificate you have to join the ATLAS VO (Virtual Organization) in order to be get access to ATLAS Grid resourcers

  • If you have followed the standard procedure to get a Grid Certificate you should have your certificate available in your browser (PKCS12 format)
    • Check in Firefox with 'Edit - Preferences - Advanced -Encryption, Certificates - View Certificates'.
    • You can also test its validity on CertTest
  • Go to the ATLAS VOMS server. You may need to add an exception for the site to your browser's security settings in order to trust the site's certificate or teach your browser to trust the CERN authority.
    • Fill out the VOMRS registration form and follow the instructions.
    • Start with 'Registration Phase I' (you need to provide you e-mail as listed in the CERN DB). You will receive a notification mail and follow the instructions.
    • Once you are asked to select groups, choose /atlas/de.