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Login at LRZ

Every LMU user automatically gets an account at LRZ with your standard campus password but with an LRZ specific account name, e.g. ri32bow.

To get your LRZ account id

  • login in at the LMU campus portal
  • then follow the link Benutzerkonto (menue below title),
  • find the LRZ id below "E-Mail Informationen", next to "Ihre LRZ-Kennung:"

In some cases, it is not possible to login with your campus password. To solve this, you have to use the campus portal to change your password (you can change it back if you want.)

For login at LRZ there are the "login nodes", e.g.

ssh -X 
ssh -X 
ssh -X 
ssh -X 
ssh -X 

These only serve as gateway nodes. In order to submit to the LCG batch part or use PoD you have to move on to one of the LCG nodes:

ssh -X lxe31  # Slurm batch & PoD