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CVMFS setup

Since end 2012 CVMFS is available on the LCG/ATLAS part of the LRZ Linux cluster and this is the recommended way to setup the Grid, Athena and Root environment.

Before starting ensure that you are logged in to our Slurm submission node, lxe31 (see Login at LRZ).

All you need to do is

source /home/grid/lcg/sw/

Then you can continue with the usual CVMFS setup commands, e.g.

asetup 17.2.4,here
get_files -jo 

Please note that the standalone Root setup via CVMFS (localSetupROOT) has problems with the gcc setup at LRZ. Either use Root from full athena setup (asetup) or use the LRZ specific installation described below.

The following sub-sections describe alternative setups in case you do not want to use CVMFS, might be obsolete !

Grid setup

source /home/grid/lcg/sw/
# DQ2
source $VO_ATLAS_SW_DIR/ddm/latest/

Root setup

sets up natively (SLES11) build 64bit Root

source /home/grid/lcg/sw/

An example Root-ntuple analysis job is here

Athena setup

First issue the Grid setup:

source /home/grid/lcg/sw/

Then the variable $VO_ATLAS_SW_DIR is automatically set so that all athena releases are accessible via e.g.:

source $VO_ATLAS_SW_DIR/software/15.6.10/cmtsite/ -tag=AtlasProduction,,setup,runtime,forceConfig

Also setup afterwards the local-setup-script to get an the Frontier/Squid and enhanced version:

source $VO_ATLAS_SW_DIR/local/