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To generate ATLAS event displays you need 2 things:

  • Running event display sofware (Atlantis or VP1)
  • Having your events in the right format (AOD, ESD or JiveXML for Atlantis)

The details of both steps might change in the future, so please update this page if you notice some outdated instructions :)
The following cern twiki pages might also help:

Run VP1 and Atlantis on the ETP computers

The easiest way to get the software running is to use the SLC6 image from cvmfs and run it in singularity

singularity exec /cvmfs/cernvm-prod.cern.ch/cvm3 /bin/bash

Note: currently you can only have one singularity session when using this image - this will probably be fixed with newer singularity versions (source: Thomas)

For running VP1 (3D event displays) setup ATLAS and athena - e.g.


You might want to use the athena version that was used to generate your data file.

Then you should be able to run vp1

vp1 <your-data-file>

The data file should be in AOD or ESD format (can be created from RAW).

To run Atlantis (2D event displays and projection planes, like eta-phi lego plot) you don't need to setup athena, but just do

lsetup atlantis
runAtlantis <your-jive-xml-file>

Pick a RAW data event and reconstruct it

You need to know the RunNumber and EventNumber in order to find your event. Once you have them, enter it in the event picking service web page: https://atlas-event-index.cern.ch/EIHadoop/ This should give you a list of GUIDs of the files containing your event. Take the one with "StreamRAW". Probably it is only available on tape and you need to transfer it e.g. to LOCALGROUPDISK (the next steps assume you have already set up your grid certificate). First find the rucio did for the GUID using ami (can take a few mins):

voms-proxy-init -voms atlas
lsetup pyami
ami command AMIGetFileInfo -fileGUID=<your-guid>

Check if there are any (non-tape) replicas

lsetup rucio
rucio list-file-replicas <the-file-did-you-just-found>

If it is only tape, then transfer it to LOCALGROUPDISK (usually these files contain only one lumiblock and are a few GB)

rucio add-rule <the-file-did-you-just-found> 1 LRZ-LMU_LOCALGROUPDISK

This may take a few hours - you can check the status on the web page http://rucio-ui.cern.ch/ or by

rucio rule-info <rule-id-the-command-above-gave-you>

Once it is transferred you can download it

rucio download <file-did>

Now setup your favorite athena release and pick out the one raw event you are interested in from your file

cat >>evt.txt<<EOF
<your-runNumber> <your-evtNumber>
acmd.py filter-files -s evt.txt <your-downloaded-raw-file> -o myRawEvent.RAW.data

Now you are ready to reconstruct an ESD or AOD from it. To get the right Reco_tf.py command, lookup the "f-tag" in you original dataset and run GetTfCommand.py - e.g

GetTfCommand.py --AMI=f758

This should give you the athena release you need to setup and a long Reco_tf.py command. To create an ESD file (probably best) append

--inputBSFile 'myRawEvent.RAW.data' --outputESDFile 'myESD.pool.root'

to the command. This should result in something like

Reco_tf.py --conditionsTag all:CONDBR2-BLKPA-2016-19 --ignoreErrors 'False' --autoConfiguration='everything' --maxEvents '-1' --AMITag 'f758' --preExec  'r2a:from InDetRecExample.InDetJobProperties import InDetFlags; InDetFlags.useDynamicAlignFolders.set_Value_and_Lock(True); from InDetPrepRawDataToxAOD.SCTxAODJobProperties import SCTxAODFlags;SCTxAODFlags.Prescale.set_Value_and_Lock(50);' --geometryVersion all:ATLAS-R2-2015-04-00-00 --steering='doRAWtoALL' --inputBSFile 'myRawEvent.RAW.data' --outputESDFile 'myESD.pool.root'

Now you are ready to use this ESD file to make an event display in VP1!!

Create a JiveXML from a RAW event for usage in Atlantis

This example is for data16 - hopefully the procedure stays similiar for future data. Copy the following job options file from afs (via lxplus, since afs is not mounted anymore here).

scp <your-cern-username>@lxplus.cern.ch:/afs/cern.ch/atlas/project/Atlantis/Tutorial/JiveXML_jobOptions_PhysicsRAW_run2_2016.py .

Edit the file to enter the paths to your raw event file - edit the following lines:

# [...]
os.system('cp /afs/cern.ch/atlas/project/Atlantis/rttInputs/RAW_data16.pool.root .')
# [...]

Now run the file (assuming you have setup athena)

athena JiveXML_jobOptions_PhysicsRAW_run2_2016.py

This should give you a JiveXML file as an output. Now you are ready to use this to make an event display in Atlantis!!