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C2PAP is dedicated computing cluster for members of the universe clusteruniverse cluster. It consists of compute nodes with about 2000 physical cores (about 4000 job slots) and a fast parallel filesystem (GPFS) with about 250 TB. It is not meant as general purpose system but for special large-scale applications. Access is only given for approved projects. LS Schaile has appoved ATLAS project and on request analysis groups/users can get accounts.

More info on C2PAP Wiki

Usage advice:

  • C2PAP LRZ cluster runs 64 bit Suse Enterprise Linux 11 (same as LRZ Linux cluster and SuperMuc), for most practical purposes it is similar but not identical to Scientific Linux 6.
    • watch out when setting up software (compiler, root, athena, python)
  • One has interactive access to special login node (c2papdata2.lrz.de, c2paplogin.lrz.de) . Do not run heavy/long applications on these nodes.
    • It can only be used via
      • batch job submission from the login nodes
        • use cases: MC generation, local ntuple analysis, other CPU intensive work not needing AOD/dESD input
  • Home directory space is scarce, do not store large data/output files there.

--Günter Duckeck (talk) 13:40, 22 August 2014 (CEST)