Athena Setup with CVMFS

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It is highly recommended to use CVMFS instead of AFS if using an Athena kit on one of the SL5 machines in Munich. CVMFS is a caching file system which hosts all athena releases and conditions data flat files. It was initially developed for the Cern-VM [1] Virtualization Software.

All options of the athena setup are described in the ATLAS TWIKI at: [2]

Athena Setup:
To setup a particular release and testarea use the following commands and replace 17.0.2 and /path/to/my/testarea appropriately:
ssh etpopt01
export ATLAS_LOCAL_ROOT_BASE=/cvmfs/
source ${ATLAS_LOCAL_ROOT_BASE}/user/
asetup 17.0.2,slc5 --single --testarea /path/to/my/testarea

Alternative Athena Setup (suitable for start-up scripts):
ssh etpopt01
source /cvmfs/ 17.0.2
asetup 17.0.2 --testarea /path/to/my/testarea

Conditions DB setup:
To point to Fontier/Squid instead of CERN Oracle and to the AFS conditions DB flat files use the following script:
source /software/atlas/dist-kit/

This setup script contains the following lines:
export FRONTIER_SERVER="(serverurl="
export FRONTIER_LOG_LEVEL=warning

Conditions DB files on CVMFS:
The conditions DB flat files on CVMFS can be found at:

Development Nightly Builds (64 bit):
Setup athena as described in the Athena setup section above and use the asetup commands, the correct gcc compiler is setup automatically:
asetup 17.X.0,64,rel_4

Bugfix Nightly Builds:
Setup athena as described in the Athena setup section above and use the asetup commands:
asetup 17.2.X,rel_4

(Old) Development Nightly Builds (64 bit):
ssh etpopt01
source /cvmfs/ -tag=AtlasProduction,rel_4,opt,gcc43,slc5,64
asetup AtlasProduction,rel_4,64 --gccversion 4.3.5 --gcclocation /cvmfs/

(Old) Bugfix Nightly Builds:
ssh etpopt01
source /cvmfs/ -tag=AtlasProduction,rel_4,opt,gcc43,slc5,32