Analysis with Proof on Demand

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To use PoD a few steps are necessary.

  • You need an analysis based on a TSelector
  • You should register all your datasets in Proof
  • You have to start a PoD cluster, either locally or at LRZ
  • If you use the LRZ you have to copy your code to LRZ (rsync is very convenient for that)
  • You can than either start your Analysis interactively (as described in Proof Usage) or use the root macro provided under
 //for updated versions (ROOTCORE) ask Sebastian Becker and Josphine Wittkowski (09.11.2011)

(please make sure to read the documentation inside the code). You should probably start testing the script with plain root, then proof lite, then PoD.

  • If you have problems, have a look at the PoD Faq

Things you have to be careful with: If you copy your code from one architecture to another (e.g. from Ubuntu to SL) you have to recompile again. (You can force this, by deleting all *.so and *.d files)