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Rod Walker current champion of the AFRICA Cup

The AFRICA (A FRIdaily Casting Activity) Cup is a weekly darts tournament played after lunch in office 331. The tournament is also known as the "Cup of Good Hope". The current champion was determined in the XXIV. AFRICA CUP on October 7th 2016. Rod Walker defended his title and triumphed over a field of 5 contestants.

The AFRICA Cup was founded by Vincent Kitali and Jochen Heinrich in early June 2015 as a regular competitive meeting of the work groups best of the best in darts. The very first Cup was consequently played on June 12th 2015 after a week of careful and extensive planning. The Cup evolved quickly into the most beloved and attention arresting sports competition of the work group Citation needed. Even though, the competition stayed true to its founding values, treasuring its tradition and following the same playing mode throughout its turbulent history.

To increase the efficiency of the by now extensive statistics around the competition, the AFRICA Cup is currently upgrading.

All-Time Ranking

All-Time Standings

The cup-winner is awarded three points, the silver medalist earns two points while the third can increase the score by one point.

Rank Name Points Appearances Points per appearance 1. 2. 3.
1 Jochen 48 21 2.29 12 5 2
2 Michael A. 22 16 1.38 3 5 3
3 Friedrich 14 15 0.93 1 4 3
4 Vincent 10 10 1.00 1 2 3
5 Rod 9 4 2.25 3 0 0
6 Marina 7 13 0.54 1 1 2
7 Nikolai 7 16 0.44 1 1 2
8 Pascal 5 3 1.67 1 1 0
9 Felix 3 4 0.75 1 0 0
10 Moritz 3 4 0.75 0 1 1
11 Sascha 3 5 0.60 0 1 1
12 Michael H. 3 11 0.27 0 1 1
13 David 2 2 1.00 0 1 0
14 Florian 1 1 1.00 0 0 1
15 Manuel 1 2 0.50 0 0 1
Reem 1 2 0.50 0 0 1
17 Ferdinand 1 3 0.33 0 0 1
Thomas 1 3 0.33 0 0 1

Honorable Mentions

The following people have participated in the AFRICA Cup, but have not scored any points (yet).

Name Appearances
Jeannine 4
Daniela 3
Elisabeth 3
Timon 3
Christopher U. 3
Balthasar 2
Kilian 2
Bernhard 1
Christopher B. 1
Miriam 1
Christian 1
Maximilian 1
Vroni 1

Great Moments in the history of the Cup

One of the most memorable moments ever witnessed during a tournament happened in the III. installment of the cup on June 26th 2015. It was Friedrich Hönig, who used his inimitable throwing technique to temporarily disable the dart board and therefore end the tournament with a single arrow. Thus only Jochen Heinrich could add points to his all-time score on this day. Despite the initial disappointment of the remaining competitors this moment is always held in high regard by every true fan of the AFRICA Cup.

During the third round of the IX. AFRICA Cup the participants were shocked to suddenly see only cryptic symbols on the board displays. A malfunction in the board electronics had temporarily disabled the board. With a sudden gasp of desperation people realized that it was even impossible to turn the board back on. In this darkest hour in the Cups history, salvation came from Vincent Kitali who took charge of business and saved the competition by mental arithmetics. Even though some participants tried to refute the legitimacy of the final results due to the fact that Vincent's office collegue Michael Adersberger won the cup and he himself attained the second rank. It is nevertheless considered a legitimate AFRICA Cup.

Notable records

Largest number of wins: Jochen (12)

Largest number of second place finishes: Jochen, Michael A. (5)

Largest number of third place finishes: Friedrich, Vincent (3)

Highest number of appearances: Jochen (21)

Highest number of appearances without scoring points: Jeannine (4)

Most consecutive wins: Jochen (4)

Best points per cup average: Jochen (2.29)

Lowest points per cup average above zero: Michael H. (0.27)

Fastest win: Jochen, Michael A., Rod (6 rounds)

Slowest win: Marina (13 rounds)

Detailed Results

Date 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Participants
I. AFRICA Cup 12.06.2015 Pascal Jochen Vincent Daniela, Kilian, Elisabeth, Timon 7 Inaugural AFRICA Cup
II. AFRICA Cup 19.06.2015 Jochen Friedrich Michael A. Christopher U., Daniela, Elisabeth, Timon, Vincent 8
III. AFRICA Cup 26.06.2015 Jochen - - Daniela, Elisabeth, Friedrich, Kilian, Miriam, Nikolai, Sascha, Timon, Vincent 10 Friedrich disabled the board by hitting the power button
IV. AFRICA Cup 03.07.2015 Jochen Friedrich Vincent Balthasar, Michael H., Nikolai 6
V. AFRICA Cup 28.08.2015 Jochen Marina Reem Vincent 4 Cup with the least number of participants so far (4)
VI. AFRICA Cup 04.09.2015 Michael A. Jochen Friedrich Christopher U., Jeannine, Manuel, Marina, Michael H., Nikolai, Reem, Vincent 11 Cup with the largest number of participants so far (11)
VII. AFRICA Cup 11.09.2015 Felix Michael H. Vincent Bernhard, Christopher B., Jeannine, Marina, Nikolai 8 The first FRIdaily Live Event (FRILE)
VIII. AFRICA Cup 18.09.2015 Michael A. Vincent Marina Felix, Jeannine, Vroni 6 Longest cup with 16 rounds played, fastest win (6 rounds)
IX. AFRICA Cup 25.09.2015 Michael A. Vincent Manuel Christopher U., Jeannine, Jochen, Marina, Michael H., Nikolai 9 First and hopefully last analogue cup
X. AFRICA Cup 02.10.2015 Vincent Michael A. Jochen Felix, Michael H., Moritz, Nikolai 7
XI. AFRICA Cup 09.10.2015 Jochen Michael A. Marina Friedrich, Moritz, Nikolai, Sascha, Thomas 8 Shortest cup with only 8 rounds played and fastest win (6 rounds)
XII. AFRICA Cup 16.10.2015 Nikolai Michael A. Sascha Friedrich, Moritz 5
XIII. AFRICA Cup 23.10.2015 Jochen Moritz Friedrich Michael A. 4 Cup with the least number of participants so far (4)
XIV. AFRICA Cup 30.10.2015 Friedrich Jochen Michael A. Marina, Moritz, Nikolai 6
XV. AFRICA Cup 06.11.2015 Jochen Pascal Nikolai Friedrich, Marina, Michael A., Michael H. 7
XVI. AFRICA Cup 13.11.2015 Jochen Friedrich Moritz Michael A., Michael H. 5
XVII. AFRICA Cup 20.11.2015 Marina Nikolai Jochen Friedrich, Michael A. 5 Slowest win (13 rounds)
XVIII. AFRICA Cup 11.12.2015 Jochen Michael A. Nikolai Friedrich, Marina, Maximilian, Thomas 7 Fastest win (6 rounds)
XIX. AFRICA Cup 18.12.2015 Jochen Michael A. Friedrich Marina, Michael H., Nikolai, Rod 7
XX. AFRICA Cup 08.01.2016 Rod Jochen Michael H. Friedrich, Marina, Michael A., Nikolai, Sascha 8 Fastest win (6 rounds)
XXI. AFRICA Cup 22.01.2016 Jochen Friedrich Michael A. Balthasar, Christian, Marina, Michael H., Nikolai, Pascal 9 Fastest win (6 rounds)
XXII. AFRICA Cup 16.09.2016 Jochen David Thomas Ferdinand 4
XXIII. AFRICA Cup 23.09.2016 Rod Sascha Florian David, Ferdinand, Jochen, Michael H. 7
XXIV. AFRICA Cup 07.10.2016 Rod Jochen Ferdinand Felix, Nikolai 5

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